Time for a little Tanker Pr0n…

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3 responses to “Time for a little Tanker Pr0n…

  1. Jake


    Tanks for the pitures. Words confuse us tankers.


    Jake (old broke down tanker)

  2. Very lively for this old, old Irwinite who has slipped backwards in time, from M-48A1 and now tool around in a 1942 WC-41 … the music’s a bit jaring on the byte, but the armor sounds are comforting!

  3. Allen, the only WC-41 I could find is a dodge repair truck. Is that about right?

    And the only M48’s I’ve ever seen were museum pieces. I did get to Ft. Carson while they had the last Active Army M60A3s, but they replaced them within a couple months.