Smash on Saturday

In honor of reader Wilko, who’s company makes components for Army weapons, and our friend This Buddy of Mine, who’s just an ass, we stole a little footage of the 173rd Airborne doing some live-fire training. Of course, it isn’t like we need a lot of encouragement to post video of stuff getting blowed up real good…


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4 responses to “Smash on Saturday

  1. and our friend This Buddy of Mine, who’s just an ass

    What?! Its a good thing no one reads this blog, otherwise I’d kick your nuts in.

    Awesome clip though…


  2. I try to toss you some traffic, and you whine?


  3. wilko

    Ahh it’s a thing of beauty. Not seeing you get kicked of course. The Javelin. Explosions are good for business and as you say Brad, good for the soul. I don’t know why. It’s certainly much better to see the *other guy* getting exploded.
    Good thing they’re not available to the public. I dream about using one of these whenever some doofus cuts me off in Chicago traffic.


  4. Ah, I have fond memories of the morning demolition derby coming in on the Dan Ryan. People complain about traffic here in Cali, and I think they’re nuts. I don’t think I ever made it in to Chicago without either getting flipped off, or flipping someone off.