Stupid is as stupid does

Boredom, even in a combat zone, is a real problem in the service. In fact, especially in a combat zone. And while the Army and the rest of our services are highly trained and very competent, they are still mostly a collection of young men and women, who, not surprisingly, act like young men and women. I’m a little hesitant about posting this video, because some of the accidents are real, and people really were hurt, but the bad comes with the good. Not all the incidents are our troops. There’s a few from our allies, and even some showing our adversaries.


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2 responses to “Stupid is as stupid does

  1. roamingfirehydrant

    Never knew you could get eight people in a porta-potty, but I did know that tanks always have the right-of-way.


  2. Did you know tanks have turn signals? Hard to see, but they are there…