Rockets on Target

Here’s a little video, courtesy of Right Wing Video, showing the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) in action.  I’m pretty sure the second rocket set off a large secondary explosion. For sure, that’s a lot bigger bang than a regular 250# warhead would normally make.

So, what’s a GMLRS? Here’s an earlier post on it…

So, what’s a GMLRS? Here’s an earlier post on it

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7 responses to “Rockets on Target

  1. wilko

    A thing of beauty Brad. The explosions that is.
    Upside: We make components for these too so we don’t mind when they launch them in groups as many times as needed seeing as the parts are not reusable.

  2. Hey, it it’s worth one round, it’s worth a magazine…

  3. roamingfirehydrant

    Awesome! Thank you.

  4. Boys love blowing things up don’t they?

  5. I sure do. And there’s a surprising number of wimmens who enjoy watching.

  6. I have been lurking at NurseMyra’s place for several years. She is Hott and worth a read. Or 2.

  7. OK, sure, I’ve seen NurseMyra’s place a few times. WordPress likes to link us, and she likes to put good stuff up on Fridays.