Mmm… Bradleys

I got nuttin’ today (so far!), so I thought I’d just post some pics.

Click each to embiggen:


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6 responses to “Mmm… Bradleys

  1. GaigeM

    If you could improve that Brad in any way, how would you?

    Trying to get a feel for what would be the next generation of AFV/IFV (with symmetrical warfare in mind).


  2. “If you could improve that Brad in any way, how would you?”

    I don’t know about Brad, but I’d start with a wrecking yard and recycling center.


  3. Don’t like aluminum armor, Dick? Or did you have something else in mind?


  4. I’m a fan of steel pots, Jeeps, Hueys, and black Cadillacs.


  5. Screw working in the motor pool. Thank God I was never in Mech. The 9th Inf was air mobile.


  6. When I started, we had steel pots, jeeps and Hueys. And while they were all fine implements of warfare, I can’t say I was sad to see them go. I’m just glad I got to serve a bit in that “old Army” before moving on.

    As for working in the motor pool, never really enjoyed it. It was something of a hassle. But I did become fairly attached to my particular Bradley. Our tracks were quite old, and hadn’t been through depot maintenance since being built. They’d acquired a number of quirks, giving each one something of a unique personality. And after being on the same track a while, it got to be kind of “homey.”