Ejericito de Colombia celebrates 200 years

Columbia is a nation at war. They’ve fought a brutal civil war against FARC and other rebel groups for 30 years. And while we gringos may have a tendency to look down on our little brown brothers, that’s a serious mistake. Operating on a shoestring budget and with a pool of recruits that lack the level of education of ours, they’ve managed to field a very professional army.

And much like our Army, they use television ads for recruiting purposes:

Cheerfully stolen from John Boq at The Castle. Go ahead and click the link. You need to see the other video.


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2 responses to “Ejericito de Colombia celebrates 200 years

  1. boquisucio

    Thanx Brad, though I don’t care much the credits Massa John or myself. So as long as the mission gets met. To spread the good word about lesser known militaries in Latin America. ;-)


  2. Quartermaster

    The Japs must like the Village People.