Load HEAT- Kat Dennings

So, I’m not sure I really remember seeing Kat Dennings in anything, but some folks are pretty happy she’s getting her own show.


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4 responses to “Load HEAT- Kat Dennings

  1. She was the daughter in 40 Year Old Virgin, Nora in Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, and Natalie Portman’s assistant in Thor (she had a name and lines and all, but I can’t remember).


  2. She can do glamour very well.


  3. LT Rusty

    She also played a strange ugly chick in The House Bunny.

    At the time I thought there must be something wrong with my taste, because I found her quite delectable.


  4. s

    she also played a dark girl named Sloane in Raise your Voice.