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Buck Compton, of Band of Brothers, has passed. I’ve always found it interesting how many World War II veterans went on to do so many interesting things. Compton was the prosecutor of Sirhan Sirhan. And later a California judge.


Everything else these days has Picatinny rails. Why not a coffee mug?


If you told the first B-1B bomber crews back in 1985 their primary mission would become close air support, they would have laughed you out of the room. Today, the Bone doesn’t even have a nuclear capability. And almost as soon as it entered service, it got a reputation as a maintenance hog. Back around the turn of the century, the USAF put about a third of the fleet in mothballs, leaving 66 on active duty. To date, those planes have compiled a record of 10,000 combat sorties.


AF Chief of Staff admits he screwed over the Army pretty badly on C-27J. Shrugs shoulders. Whatchyagonnadoaboutit?


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  1. Under the circumstances there’s not much the Army can do about it. The Army is about to get cut to the bone and so can’t say they’ll take it back. The AF is Lucy to Army’s Charlie Brown who keeps believing Lucy will hold the football this time.I, once more, have to agree with Jerry Pournelle that AF has lost its right to an independent existence.

    Anyone who thinks the AF is going to do any better now than they did before is smoking something rather strong.