100 Years of Marine Aviation

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8 responses to “100 Years of Marine Aviation

  1. UltimaRatioRegis

    GREAT video!

    “Marine Aviation exists to support the Marine on the ground.”

    Abideth thou, evermore.

  2. UltimaRatioRegis

    By the way, have we solved my “identity crisis”?

    Got a post idea.

    • I think you’re still showing up as an editor under your other name. Which, if you wanna talk sports, I guess that would work.

      Do you have a different email addy that we can use?

  3. UltimaRatioRegis

    I do, I will send along via the one youse gots.


  4. shipfitter

    Give him the one you use when you’re at the bathhouse, ugly Marine :)

  5. shipfitter

    I wasn’t talking about that kind of “bath house” :)

  6. John Glenn was one my Senators in Ohio and he isn’t worth the time of day. A real scum bag. He really wasn’t much in Korea, getting himself “loaned” the Air Farce so he could play jet jockey instead of doing his job as a Marine.

    He was about as liberal has Howard Metzanbaum, and just as worthless. An Ex-Marine he is.

    Having that off my chest, the Marines are a good example of why the Army Air Corps needs to be reconstituted. The Marines also have the right idea of having a basic officer course that’s required of every officer. I think Army Aviation has lost that element since they quit requiring a basic branch of their Commissioned Pilots. It would hurt the Warrants to see a good bit of IOBC too.