Semper Paratus- 222 Years

Happy Birthday to the United States Coast Guard. 222 years of service. Small service, big results.

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5 responses to “Semper Paratus- 222 Years

  1. Pity they are now under the DHS.

  2. scottthebadger

    Coasties! When everyone else is tying down the planes with extra chains, it’s ” Start the engine’s Mildred, we fly tonight! ” with the Coast Critters. Bravest people there are.

  3. .5mt

    I only know a few of them, but each of them in there own way revel in crazy.

  4. Buck Buchanan

    Their unofficial motto is:

    The Rules Say We Have To Go Out. No Rule Says We Have To Come Back.

    Hands down some of the ballsiest badasses on the planet…and that is true for the men & women.