Well done, old girl.

On the day of my birth, my dad was bagging traps on board her. All my life, there has been an Enterprise. She took my father to war, and brought him home.
God Bless her and all who sailed her.

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The world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier ended its remarkable career at sea on Sunday when it pulled into its home port for the final time after participating in every major conflict since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

The USS Enterprise began shutting down its eight nuclear reactors almost as soon as it arrived at its pier at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, where thousands of cheering family members and friends welcomed the ship home from its 25th and final deployment after nearly eight months at sea. The ship will never move on its own power again and will eventually be scrapped in Washington state, making its final voyage a sentimental one for those who have sailed aboard “The Big E.”

Copies of the ship’s daily newspaper, “The Shuttle,” were in short supply as sailors looked for memorabilia to take with them. Countless personal photos were taken by sailors throughout…

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  1. Ferran

    These were the voyages of the wetship Enterprise…


  2. I was listening to old (good) Jimmy Buffett on my drive, and this song made me think of the Big E. “So let’s drink to their memories, Our heroes and our pals, To those crazy Navy flyers To those swell Hawaiian gals…”


  3. Adieu Big E.
    Stand down dear lady, you did your job.
    You’ve earned your rest.