Load HEAT- Election Day Mini-Edition

Go do your civic duty, then come back.  Unless you’re a Democrat. You guys vote tomorrow.

Ann Romney looks pretty dang good for her age. Must  be that clean livin’.

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7 responses to “Load HEAT- Election Day Mini-Edition

  1. MikeD

    The wife’s family has a Mormon contingent. Each and every one of them is just as nice as could be (as was the Mormon 1SG I had at DLI). The other thing they all have in common is attractive women (wives, daughters, and daughter-in-laws). I actually wonder at times if that isn’t part of the recruitment strategy.


    • I know an absolutely charming young lady, freshly married, who is a member of the LDS. One of the prettiest, sweetest creatures I’ve met in a long time.
      …And she hunts with hubby. My kinda gal.


  2. ultimaratioregis

    Ann Romney is lovely indeed. Almost 64 years old, and I would ask for her phone number in an instant.

    But, happily married, no sordid past, no belief that being married to an elected official means SHE was elected. A beautiful, intelligent, classy lady.

    She reminds of Laura Bush. Certainly not Michelle, nor especially Hillary.


  3. Yes, I am ready to be proud of my First Lady again.


  4. Far easier on teh eyes than Moochelle. Too sad that her hubby lost to a political pervert.


  5. Mark Dunlap SFC Rigger (Ret).

    Mormons are classy and live their lives as an example (walk the walk). My military career was because of a LDS who was a Warrant Officer (may he RIP), who somehow saw something in me that I did not see in myself. thanks Scotty.