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Because I care so much for our readers of the fairer sex, allow me to offer my services toward your health care.


The Army will seek the death penalty in the case of SSG Robert Bales. Not a huge surprise there. If Bales did indeed murder 16 civilians, I can’t see any reason to keep him alive. 


Marines set to introduce tough new standard for alcohol on duty.  Not that you should be drinking at lunch anyway. And I don’t think a twice a year testing program is overly intrusive. Unlike SecNav’s policy of testing every sailor at the gangplank daily, random tests twice a year seem reasonable.


Over half of all soldier suicides last year were among those with no deployment history, and 85% among those with no direct combat history.  Going from civilian life to basic training is a bit of a shock. But at least you’re surrounded by a peer group experiencing the very same thing, in a very carefully structured environment.  Going from basic training to a new unit is even worse in many ways. You’re away from your friends and family, your new peer group doesn’t know you, and already has an existing, and very complex, social structure, and there is, outside of working hours, very little in the way of structure. Young men tend to do stupid things when unsupervised. That is a recipe for trouble.  How much of the increase in the rate of suicide in the Army is directly related to deployments, and how much is indirectly related is an open question. How much of it is a reflection of the society the Army serves? I don’t know. I rarely write about this topic because I have so little insight or cogent thought to offer.


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3 responses to “Links of Interest

  1. I’ve no trouble tying Bales to a post. We need to do the same to Dr. Hasan too. Prolly otter waterboard him too.

  2. I think I’ll open a breast massage parlor. I’ll sacrifice for the wymyn and help them avoid dread diseases.

  3. Esli

    While I have had only a few suicidal “ïdeations” in the unit, they have invariably been among new, non-deployed, soldiers, as has my one attempt. Conversely, most of my medical issues are from those who have deployed multiple times.