I once said semi-jokingly the Marines should ditch the F-35B and buy more Skyhawks. It’s feeling less jokey every day.



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  1. And bring back the OV-10. It was a bad ass little plane.


  2. Grumpy

    Brad and Trevor, both of you have the right idea. In today’s economic environment, we may need to look at the power of simplicity. This means things like cost, number of aircraft and the cost of support on all levels, make this a wise choice for not just our allies, but us.

    We must always remember the first rule of engineering, “If it works, don’t screw with it!” We need to take a look at the imaginary improvements of the different variants of the F 35 and their cost. Thank you.


  3. ultimaratioregis

    As a fire supporter, I loved the A-4. A powerful, nimble little sports car of an attack a/c that could carry a hell of a load. And it had legs.

    My brother was an Avionics Technician on A-4s, and was later a plane captain with VMA-224. He loved the aircraft because it was so easy to work on.

    O, to have the attack capabilities that the A-4, F-4, and A-6 families gave us.