Saturday Tactics Lesson

Lot’s of M-14 goodness here.



4 responses to “Saturday Tactics Lesson

  1. Esli

    Part one was interesting; it’s 47years since the video was made, but less the obvious changes in equipment, it is essentially the same as what we still do. SSG Collins, the SL, looks quite a few years older than a lot of the current SLs. I like the use of hand-and-arm signals, as young TLs and SLs struggle with non-radio communications these days. I particularly liked the chubby RTO’s clueless look at 12:10 and the “Show me your warface” pause for the cameraman at 14:49 or so.


  2. ultimaratioregis

    LOVE the M-14s. HATE the eleven man rifle squad. The USMC tried that for about 14 months in 1984-5 and dropped it like poop from a tall cow.


    • “If you like your three team, 13 man squad, you can keep your three team, 13 man squad.”- Obama.

      I like a two team squad. Easier for a junior NCO to control. But I do wish the Army would bulk up light infantry squads from 9 men to 11. Simply adding another rifleman to each team would also help spread the load of mission critical equipment across more backs.


  3. ultimaratioregis

    HAH! Well-played mister Host!