U.S. Navy Gives LCS-1 A Makeover

As the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-1) USS Freedom got under way in late November for ship-and-crew-deployment certification trials, it was clear that the LCS program team had made a priority of fixing some major ship issues noted earlier in the year by Aviation Week during an unsanctioned guided tour of the ship while it was in a U.S. Navy dry dock in San Diego.

After first denying the veracity of many of Aviation Week’s observations, Navy officials said they would make repairs for most of the problems a priority. Most of the major issues have been fixed or are scheduled to be addressed.

For example, Aviation Week had noted extensive corrosion throughout many parts of the ship. “LCS-1 was designed and built with an active anti-corrosion system, which was further extended during post-delivery to address additional areas of concern,” the Navy says. “This system is in the baseline for LCS-3 and follow hulls. Minor corrosion was also experienced in limited areas of the ship, which have been addressed through modifications to the paint schedule and material … [which also] are in the baseline for LCS-3 and follow hulls.”

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  1. ultimaratioregis

    Here’s quite a gem:

    “Experience operating the Sauer air-cooled compressors indicates they overheat in hot climates — will shut down due to their location in the Freedom-class main machinery space, which is not air-conditioned.” The system, the source notes, has not yet been tested while deployed to warm-weather climates.

    In response, the Navy says, “The Sauer system meets all operational and maintenance requirements.”

    Admiral Hart, call your office.


  2. The torpedoes always worked here.


  3. This is one subject on which I’d like to see a few GoFos pranged for cranial-rectal inversion, and it would be righteous.