ERMERGERD!!! It’s a grenade!!

Apparently, it’s news when someone finds not one, but three grenades in the shopping area known as Downtown Disney in beautiful Orlando, FL. 

Of course, much like the deadly rocket launcher empty fiberglass tube turned into the LAPD last week, these items are harmless (autoplay warning).

Either it’s a slow news day in Orlando, the reporters have no clue what a practice grenade is, or someone is trying to gin up a little fear of dangerous weapons filling our streets.

A practice grenade is simply a hollow steel shell shaped like a real grenade. It has a fuse well that a practice fuse can be screwed into. These practice fuses make a small “pop” about 5 seconds after the pin is pulled.  The grenade body itself can be used over and over.

During my entire time as  recruiter, I kept one (with an expended fuse) sitting on my desk. Somehow I managed to go almost four years without it exploding, or even coming to the attention of the local bomb squad, in spite of being seen by various and sundry citizens, police officers and even the county DA.



15 responses to “ERMERGERD!!! It’s a grenade!!

  1. Where can I get one? I’m asking for a friend.


    • obsidian53

      The Army Navy surplus store near us has buckets full for sale.
      I knew a guy who welded a bunch on top of a wrought iron fence once as a joke.


  2. Cripes, had one of those things in school. Remember Federal Army-Navy Surplus, xbrad?


  3. ultimaratioregis

    Grenades in a trash can? Our streets are indeed filled with deadly weapons. The only way to prevent hand grenades in trash cans is to ban assault weapons.


  4. When I lived in NYC in the late 80’s about 3x a year someone would toss a grenade into a bar or club. (According to the local papers) Working with the homeless I was asked if I wished to buy one about as frequently.

    To my knowledge grenades have never been legal and have always been banned. Yet where are the calls for grenade control? And how is prohibition working out for grenades?


  5. With liberals it’s always an Emily Lattella moment.
    “Oh never mind.”


  6. LT Rusty

    You know, those practice grenades are a felony in California?


  7. ultimaratioregis

    Snarky, QM? Do you care NOTHING for our children?

    Do you NOT want those smarter than we to decide which of our freedoms we are allowed to have under what circumstance?

    I bet you even think you deserve to keep the money you earn. You are a counterrevolutionary and should be targeted.


  8. Mark Dunlap

    …and did your grenade have a little placard that said “Here, take a number” that was attached to the pin?


    • I’ve seen the “complaint department” grenades, but no. Mine just sat on the desk and freaked out the occasional mom that came in with her kid. Especially when I sat there and played with it, pulling and reinserting the pin.