Thursday Links of Interest

There’s some good stuff on the web today that I’m just not gonna have the time to get around to writing about.

From Small Wars Journal, A Future For Armor In An Era Of Persistent Conflict.


At USNI, CDR Sal has some thoughts on the Royal Navy vs. the Japanese Navy Maritime Self Defense Force.


Only magicians should use coin tricks.


The reason Democrats have a reputation for cutting and running in wartime is they have a habit of cutting and running in wartime.


USS Freedom, LCS-1, may finally deploy. She’s only about a quarter way through her life expectancy.


It’s Thursday Random at Hookers&Booze. (a bit NSFW, but a lot funneh)



2 responses to “Thursday Links of Interest

  1. IF we could solve our financial problems (rottsa ruck there given both parties propensity to spend like drunken sailors) then helping the Japs build a blue water Navy again would be a plus for both of us. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Japs sail a real CV again, and I bet they’d do a good job of it too. Togo and Yamamoto would approve.


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