SSG Clinton Romesha

You may have heard that former SSG Clinton Romesha is to be presented the Medal of Honor for his actions at COP Keating.

What I didn’t realize was just how awesome this man is.

No helmet. No reflective belt. Needs a shave. Hands in pockets. Cover tipped back.

And that ‘STACHE!!

Every CSM in the Army just had an aneurysm.

Via CDR Salamander

[UPDATE]: Of course!

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6 responses to “SSG Clinton Romesha

  1. Is this the same one who was so awed and dazzled by the glowing magnificence of the POTUS?

  2. SFC Dunlap (R)

    Hands in pockets = Air Force gloves.

  3. LT Rusty

    Hell, I’m a sailor and i’m still pissed at the Navy for sailing away from Guadalcanal.

  4. Jane

    Fucking Haters, but I guess he does need haters fuckers