.5o cal

On another blog, someone mentioned the M2 .50cal machine gun. It’s funny. We’ve fired thousands of rounds of .50cal rounds, both live and blank. We spent countless hours manning the gun. Disassembled it, cleaned it, reassembled it. Fired it with a TVS-5 night scope.


But when someone mentioned it, the very first thing that popped into our noggin was having to carry the 84 pound gun from the arms room half a mile to the motor pool.



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  1. ultimaratioregis

    Thing that comes to mind with the M2 is the distinctive sound. Both in training exercises and actual combat, there is nothing like it. I remember standing overlooking the eastern side of Fallujah, tanks rumbling by, Snakes and fast-movers coming in, outgoing and incoming fire from all sorts of weapons. And then, that very identifiable DUNK-DUNK-DUNK-DUNK-DUNK-DUNK. Despite everything else going on, the very first impressions was “somebody’s getting serious!”

    I love that damned thing.


  2. w johnson

    Say operator head space and timing to a civilian and they give you the RCA dog look.


  3. Yup. Good times. Still remember how to set hadspace and timing with a dime and a nickel.


  4. M1A1TrkTrror

    My vanity plate is M2BMG. God bless John Moses Browning and his wonderful weapon.


  5. The 40MM Bofors noise is that of the Fifty writ large: BOMPBOMPBOMP. I was at the Naval Weapons site Monday night, and the .50BMG has been a USN weapon for 80 years. With no sign of going away.