Oooookay…. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight…

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by | January 23, 2013 · 10:16 am

6 responses to “Oooookay…. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight…

  1. ultimaratioregis

    All the eggs those dudes leave are green….

  2. Lurkasaurus

    Is this a sequel to Donnie Darko where he grows up and joins the Army?

    (or Marines, I can’t tell if that’s CIRAS armor but the absence of MARPAT camo makes me think Army. Plus they remind me of the guys at an S-3 shop I used to know in 3rd ID..rabbit costumes, very clean weapons and a weird sense of humor)

  3. P. Lee

    “Shhh! Cute and cuddly boyzs. Remember, cute and cuddly.”

  4. They’re getting ready for the newer, softer, more feminine Military.