Time to Panic! Iran unveils indigenous stealth fighter

I’m not certain this is just a fiberglass mockup, but I am certain it’s not in any way a real warplane.

And as soon as I saw it, I thought it was a knockoff of something Boeing built over a decade ago.



8 responses to “Time to Panic! Iran unveils indigenous stealth fighter

  1. azmrmacs

    Looks like a cross between Boeing’s Bird of Prey and NASA’s X-36 in planform, though Boeing and NASA didn’t have vertical stabs.
    There’s no discernible engine in the bird being displayed, unless the exhaust nozzle is recessed (bad idea).
    The nose landing gear looks like that off of a Mirage III, but doesn’t have a steering drive mechanism (unless it’s inside the nose wheel well). Main landing gear are similar to the Mirage as well.
    Judging by eye, there’s just a fancy paint coating, nothing stealthy there. Without getting into particulars, shapes of various components and airframe in general are not stealthy at all. Calling something stealthy does not mean that it truly is.
    First opinion: full of Fail.


  2. Jeff Gauch

    I’m pretty sure a turntable capable of spinning a real-life fighter would be quite a bit thicker than that dais and it wouldn’t bounce to a stop. That plus the ultra-shaky-cam shots of the thing in flight makes me think hoax.

    Though it does look like the Iranian defense industry could pose a serious threat to Hollywood prop houses. Maybe that will cause Obama to look seriously at action against Iran.


  3. MikeD

    My question was, where were the intakes for the engine? I couldn’t actually see any, and that’s kind of a problem for a functional aircraft.


  4. virgil xenophon

    RE: Compressor stalls; The first time I ever went supersonic in an F-4 I was startled by this loud BANG! Scared the S out of me thinking it was somehow a compressor stall–or worse.” Whatwasthat?”, I yelled to my AC. “That’s just the ramps extending on the intake inlets (adjusts the air flow) he replied dryly. Felt like a GD fool, lol.