Quick Quiz


The above box displays which of the following:

          a)  The view out my window for the next couple days

          b) The sum total of my contributions to this blog since Tuesday

c) Both a) and b)

I know.   I need to get my ass moving on my next post.

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12 responses to “Quick Quiz

  1. I was going to say d) Obama’s new cabinet in a snowstorm.
    But that’s me feeling all politicky today.


  2. It’s all fun and games until the power goes out.


  3. e) “Desolation of a Soul.” Someone paid $8 million for that, and you heathen just don’t appreciate modern art. :P


  4. I see one mans lonely testament against the inhumanity of man again man and the need for a better hamburger.


  5. NVRMIND RoamingIronSafety Device beat me to it.

    Read first, read first…


  6. URR, I guess that means you’re somewhere in New England (and I’m not talking about Barry Manilow).
    2 feet of snow has got to suck golf balls.