Flying Flapja—dammit!

Every time I start to write a quick post on an interesting or unusual airplane, I got to look for pictures, and that damn SteelJawScribe has a) already written a post on the bird, and b) done a much better job than I was going to.

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4 responses to “Flying Flapja—dammit!

  1. Well – I’ve left the Pre-war French Air Force untouched – but then again, so did the French ;)
    W/r, SJS

  2. I saw the V-173 at the LTV facility back in January ’09 at the rollout of their refurbished F-4U. I’m glad to hear they are making progress on it.

  3. A certain Colonel showed that speed alone is not life. The AF discovered that in Vietnam with the F-105. As a result we got the F-15 and 16.