Load HEAT- Christa Miller

I first developed a crush on Christa Miller back when she was on the Drew Carey Show. Cute and funny, what’s not to love?


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4 responses to “Load HEAT- Christa Miller

  1. She’s cute, but she is no Vanessa the Intern. Suck it “Rob”.


  2. ultimaratioregis

    She is a lovely lass. I did love her in Drew’s show. That she is not holding weaponry is not her fault. And I am willing to look past it. Bob can go right on stalking Vanessa.


  3. Grumpy

    Brad, Respectfully, with this lass, I don’t think you need to “Load Heat”. I don’t know if it is just me or not, but she seems to bring all that is needed. It got awfully warm around here, just a moment ago. WHEW!


  4. David Navarre

    Crazy about her on Drew Carey. Liked her on Scrubs despite the character. Can’t watch more than 10 seconds of Cougar Town.