Fire Support In Vietnam

Most of the video is just run of the mill artillery stuff, and thus not terribly interesting, but check out the three-shot grenade launcher at 6:10. What the heck is that thing?


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8 responses to “Fire Support In Vietnam

  1. Hardoffel

    Couldn’t watch the video, but if its a pump-action launcher, that’ll be the EX-41 40mm, a.k.a. the China Lake.


    • That’s not it, but 1. That’s pretty interesting, and 2. This looks to be about the same vintage. Looks quite a bit like a conventional M79 but with a fixed barrel, and a three round clip that inserts into the side of the weapon. Fire, push the next round in, fire, push the next round in…


  2. Esli

    I believe it is a T148E1:,SPECIFIC=11006,DATABASE=objects,
    Not sure why the links aren’t showing up, but google it….


  3. ultimaratioregis

    Love the M101A1s, the M114 (silver tube) pigs, and the M110A1s. And of course, the M-14s.

    Interesting take on convoy ops. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Great vid!