Interesting goings-on in the Georgia National Guard

We’re not big on bashing the National Guard*.  Many, many Guardsmen have stepped up and served overseas during the War on Terror – assuming the same risks as their active duty counterparts, and also having to deal with employers or self employment issues that us active types never had to worry about.

In Georgia, the governor just appointed a new State Adjutant. State Senator and former Air Force officer Jim Butterworth has jumped from Captain to Major General. It is something of a controversial move. We have no idea as to MG Butterworth’s qualifications or character. But suffice it to say, it is unusual.

But the appointment of state adjutants is one of the prerogatives of a state governor. Last year, we saw a chaplain nominated in another state.  And it should be noted that while each state adjutant is a Major General in the Guard, it is not an operational command, but more concerned with administration and policy.

Having said that, since the federal government is footing the bill for most of the operations and equipment, perhaps it is time for Congress to revisit the issue of qualifications for state adjutants.

*We’re not big on bashing the National Guard anymore. Like all active duty troops, I was required by tradition to refer to them as “the Nasty Guard” and sneer at them playing soldier.


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5 responses to “Interesting goings-on in the Georgia National Guard

  1. John the Baptist

    You do realize that this happened a year and a half ago (October, 2011, to be precise)?


    • Nope. Not a clue. I actually read past the headlines, but never read the dateline.

      As Dave@GarfieldRidge used to say…”It’s old!”


  2. Buck Buchanan

    To your point….he is not federally recognized as a MG. He is really in a Title 32 position. By law there also have to be personnel who meet Title 10 qualifications to back this up….especially if they command a unit (see 48 BCT, GA ARNG).


  3. SFC Dunlap (R) 173RVN

    @Buck Buchanan is correct. Then there was the NCARNG SGT who became Adjutant General….but he was a business owner and wasn’t “just” a SGT and it was a long time ago. Most states now have a self generated mandate that AG nominees be at least a LTC. Having been both AC and RC (NG Texas), one rather large issue is that each of the 50 states and Territories have AG’s (I personally always envied the AG for the Virgin Islands NG), and their CIC during peacetime, or Non-Active duty time is the Governor for that state. This set up provides for 50+ kingdoms not always voting or feeling the same way and unless things have changed NGB (National Guard Bureau) is not a command entity. I remember June of l968 going through Basic Training and hearing other soldiers shouting their Service Numbers (before the days of SSN’s being your “Service Number”), with ER & NG along with RA and asked the Drill SGT who they were and were told they were going home after basic and AIT. I too learned to call them Nasty Guard, Un-Natural Guard etc. Yes I do remember my original service number, as well as my helmet number in Jump School, 0685.


  4. SFC Dunlap (R) 173RVN

    I believe two states, Vermont being one, actually elects their AG during elections for Governor etc. This may have changed as well of course as I have slept a bit since retiring.