The other P-38


So, just for curiosity’s sake, a poll.

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23 responses to “The other P-38

  1. Sadly next to no one knows what a P-38 is (at least, the one that doesn’t fly!)

  2. I have three: one in the car, one in a drawer, and one in the garage. Hubby’s is in his box o’stuff :)

  3. I don’t like carrying one on the keychain, because the blade sometimes opens up and stabs you in the balls.

    • MikeD

      Umm… either you’ve got pockets in weird places in your pants, or you might want to get a doctor to check out your obvious medical condition. I’ve only been stabbed in the thigh or butt.

  4. I wore my on my dog tag chain while I was in. Later, when I was in the Nasty Guard, I carried a Victornox Swiss Army Knife and rarely used my P-38, which was still on my dog tag chain. These days, now that I’m in CIVLANTFLT, I keep it on my key ring which I carry on a mini-carabiner hooked into a belt loop so I don’t have to worry about the blade coming open.

    Real men carry a P-38. I used to have a B-52 as well. That was just an oversized P-38. Similar to the P-38, it was marked B-52. I got the B-52 from someone in the Canuckistani Army.

  5. jon spencer

    I have had my P-38 for over forty years now.
    It is carried on my keychain with one of my dog-tags.
    And I worry that I might lose them someday.

  6. Clifton B. Sommer

    I had a P-38 that I had carried in ‘Nam, but it was confiscated by TSA in 2003. I have another now that I carry in my wallet, and a P-51 on a paracord bracelet I wear. Needless to say, they both get packed in my checked luggage when I fly now.

    • **facepalm**

      There really is a special level of stupidity associated with some of the security theater about air travel.

    • I keep mine on my main key ring and it’s been through TSA checkpoints 6 times now. The last at Vegas last year. I guess they just see the mass of keys and let it pass. The original I got from a case of Cs back in ’67 broke while I was in the Navy in ’74 when I was opening a can of Orange Soda while on Sylvania. The one I have now is the 3rd or 4th I’ve had. The rest didn’t break, I lost them.

  7. By ” somewhere around here”, I mean hanging on nail in the kitchen. Just in case the power goes out or the electric opener dies. Again.

  8. One in my dog truck, one in our forest fire bug-out gear. I think there’s a couple in the kitchen gadget drawer and I keep one in my sled bag. Quit carrying one on my keychain post 9/11.

  9. OCCD

    I have one on my keychain, and a couple still in their paper envelope that they came in.

  10. Buck Buchanan

    Wore it on my dogtags tucked into the dogtag silencer. Also have one in my car and 2 in my Scoutmaster’s cokking tool box.

  11. I’ve known about them for a long time, but never bought one. Apparently there’s one “good’ provider an quite a few “cheapo” providers making them.

    …Never heard of a B-52 can opener, though… :)

  12. SFC Dunlap (R) 173RVN

    B-52’s, or “church key” were required to open beer cans back in the day before pull tabs so both the P-38, and B-52 were pretty much required as in RVN we got a monthly beer ration (soda too). Anybody know how the P-38 got its name???

  13. NavyDavy

    Think we used to call them John Wayne’s. B-52s were hard to come by.

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