Victory in Europe

“At 0001 hrs BDST 7 May 1945 the mission of this Allied force was accomplished.  signed Eisenhower.”

Such a simple message. The efforts of millions of men of the Allied Expeditionary Force, the blood of tens of thousands, the treasure of nations. An epic struggle to determine the course of humanity.

The war in western Europe was without a doubt the greatest achievement of American arms. The Army was willed into existence, trained, deployed, supplied, fought and won in a space of time that today would find staffs and program managers today still trying to gin up a good acronym to name the program.



2 responses to “Victory in Europe

  1. Paul L. Quandt

    Happy VE day everyone.



  2. I would extend your last paragraph to the Pacific. Building the fleet, and chasing Mr. Jap around was an achievement every bit the equal of what was done in the ETO. The demands were different, but just as daunting.

    I will grant anyone who argues, however, that Fritz was far more dangerous than the Japs could ever conceive of being. If HItler had been more flexible, Ivan would have lost in ’41 and the ETO would have been a far different fight.