Name that Plane

I’ll say this, it’s not often I come across a plane from the post-war era that went into serial production for the Air Force that I don’t instantly recall.


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10 responses to “Name that Plane

  1. Robert

    I believe it’s a Northrop YC-125

  2. SFC Dunlap (R) 173RVN

    I’m so weak on my “tweener” A/C ident. I’m so embarrassed.

  3. Don Burch

    The Ford Tri-Motor.

  4. A USAF Beaufighter?

  5. Don Burch

    That’s one I haven’t jumped from. Put that sucker in the air…….

    • SFC Dunlap (R) 173RVN

      I’m with you Don….if its got an opening in the fuselage that I can fit through with gear and they can slow it down a little bit, I’ll happily jump it!!!!

  6. I remember an article about this aircraft in Air Classics magazine back in the day.