Morning Links- Vacation Edition

We’re currently on vacation, which, because of social obligations actually means we have less time to devote to you, the valued and esteemed patron of Ye Olde Humble Blog.

Having said that, we’ll still try to get some content of some sort up for you.

The Navy successfully launched the X-47B unmanned aircraft from a carrier yesterday. Of course, once the catapult strokes, it’s going flying no matter what. It’s more a question of how long, rather than if.  Earlier, the X-47B made a successful arrested landing shore-side on a simulated carrier deck. That’s not shabby, but it’s also a far, far different environment than a moving carrier deck.


This IRS scandal grows and grows. Obama’s former campaign converted to a 501(c ) 4 and got approved in about a month. Go figure.


Sexual Assault Prevention Training causes sexual assault, apparently.


You shipdrivers might find this interesting.


Have a great day.


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2 responses to “Morning Links- Vacation Edition

  1. Esli

    They fly, it is only a matter of how long and how far…. You remember Mr/Capt Ralston from OHHS? He used to tell a story of launching from a carrier in a seriously overloaded F4U on the way to Korea, and gradually sinking lower and lower, while turning it enough to get out of the way of the carrier before hitting the water. Didn’t sound fun.

    As for that ship, didn’t watch the video, but I can’t imagine having a recorder running in the BN TOC constantly in order to assess, after the fact, everything that was said or done. (Kind of like being at NTC….)


  2. Coincidentally, I was in a training today that included Rules of the Road and Bridge Resource Management refresher. We picked apart the Porter incident, including using that audio track.
    So yes, this shipdriver finds it very interesting.