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HMS Ark Royal towed to the breakers.

Hundreds gathered to say farewell to HMS Ark Royal as she began her final voyage to the scrap yard from Portsmouth this afternoon.

Which reminds me of my favorite painting of all time.



The helmet sighting system for the F-35 is still facing issues. You can’t really fight the plane without it.


Iraq needed some armed reconnaissance helicopters. But they don’t have a ton of infrastructure to operate something like the OH-58D. So the US modified some off the shelf Bell 407 light helicopters, and shipped those. What’s interesting is that they didn’t hire a defense contractor to do it, but rather the Army’s Redstone Arsenal.


Sox is not amused.



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3 responses to “Quick Links

  1. ultimaratioregis

    A pigmy steam-tug tows you,
    Gigantic, to the shore
    Dismantled of your guns and spars,
    And sweeping wings of war.
    The rivets clinch the iron-clads,
    Men learn a deadlier lore;
    But Fame has nailed your battle-flags;
    Your ghost it sails before:
    O, the navies old and oaken,
    O, the Temeraire no more!


  2. Sox is not amused, that he has become out of focus. He must have Cheshire Cat blood in him.