Name That Plane

Which, I know the basic type, but could actually use some help on the sub-type.

Pic courtesy of The Rebel Pin-up.


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9 responses to “Name That Plane

  1. ultimaratioregis

    There’s a plane in that picture? I hadn’t noticed. Well I’ll be damned, there is one, waaaaay in the background.


  2. Eric from OC

    F4U Coursair


  3. Since it is loaded for bear against ground targets, with the load out of rockets, I was wondering perhaps A-1U from the Korean War era. But A-1Us had 4 20mm, rather than 6 fifties, I believe.

    I am gonna say F4U-5. The F4U-4 introduced the 4 bladed prop, and the -5 introduced the fully retractable tail wheel. Thye plane in the photo has the type of door that the fully retractable ones had, rather than the narrow doors of the pre-5 planes.


    • You mean an AU-1?

      IIRC, those, and pretty much everything after the F4u-4B had 4 20mm cannon. This has 6 .50cal, so I’m thinking it’s an F4U-4, but I’m not certain. And I’m too lazy to delve into the details.


  4. Kevin Kirk

    It’s a -5. The two chin scoops are the giveaway. The AU-1, and the French -7’s reverted to the single scoop used on the -4s.


  5. My dinosaur brain was going to say blonde 34B-28-33 but that appears to be the wrong type. And I would need calipers, measuring tape, and unlikely spousal permission to be sure of an accurate answer.