Memorial Day

April 19, 1775 saw an advance guard of British regulars sally from Boston to Lexington, Massachusetts, in an effort to seize arms and powder from “rebel” militias formed by colonists.

About 80 colonial militiamen were formed on the green when the British arrived. In a brief, confused skirmish, a shot was fired. No one really knows who fired first, but that first shot was followed by a concentrated volley by the British into the ranks of the militia. Eight Americans would fall in the defense of their liberty.

John Brown

Samuel Hadley

Caleb Harrington

Jonathon Harrington

Robert Munroe

Isaac Muzzey

Asahel Porter

Jonas Parker

Since that day, almost 850,000 Americans have fallen in combat. Another 430,000 have died from disease or injury in war.

Even today, Americans spill their blood in defense of liberty. Let us rededicate ourselves today to ensuring that we are worthy of the price they paid.

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  1. To those that gave their all in service to the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.