What Might Have Been… Broncos and 106mm RCLs.

On the heels of our recent post about the M40 106mm Recoilless Rifle, a reader, Dave, sends in this little morsel about a plan to mount the 106 on the OV-10.


The primary weapon for the Bronco was usually the Zuni 5” folding fin rocket. It packed a good punch, but it wasn’t terribly accurate, and each rocket weighed a good deal.  While mounting a 106 on an airplane would have its own weight penalty, each round of ammunition would weigh less. And the recoilless rifle would be a good deal more accurate than any rocket. And there was a plan for an autoloading weapon.

Found here, which is an interesting piece all on its own.


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4 responses to “What Might Have Been… Broncos and 106mm RCLs.

  1. scottthebadger

    The recioless rifle was intended as an aircraft weapon from the start, with Cdr. Davis USN making his gun for the Curtiss flying boats.


  2. scottthebadger

    That was an interesting history of the Bronco!


  3. Flugelman

    With all the 106 stuff recently I’m surprised no has mentioned the Marine Corps Ontos.