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So,  Chile is buying surplus AAV-7 amphibious vehicles. They’re only buying a dozen, so it’s not a major lift capability. Of the dozen, only 10 are troop carriers, so that gives them a lift of about 250 troops.


F-35A first in-flight missile launch

Finally. I understand that complex systems take a long time to introduce into service, but this is surprising. The F-35A has launched its first powered missile launch. Mind you, this wasn’t even a full up guided shot. It was just to prove ejection and ignition. But the program will totally be fielding a combat capable squadron in three short years. Honest!


While I think the multitude of camouflage patterns in the military is silly, I also think this bill is silly.  I can think of a lot of other areas to save money. Heck, I have strong suspicion that compliance with this bill would end up costing just as much as no bill at all.


New ship names released. Incredibly, no activist/victim of the month names were used. And URR, just be glad Burlington went to an HSV, not an LCS.


Will Fort Carson shrink or grow?  I don’t know. There’s a strong push to consolidate as many combat brigades as possible onto as few posts as possible. But the problem there is that each post has a finite amount of range and training area available.  There is always a great demand for that range space.  Ft. Carson isn’t an especially large post, but it does have relatively easy access to Pinon Canyon Maneuver Area, which has been expanding in recent years, and is one of the largest training areas available to the Army.

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6 responses to “Morning Links

  1. ultimaratioregis

    China buying AAP-7s. Worn out ones. They will reverse engineer them, and come up with their own, better than ours. Because if they are worn out by USMC standards, yeesh, they have to be in sad shape.


  2. ultimaratioregis

    Ahh, crap. One of those “CH” countries, anyway. At least they gave us Ziva David, and not a shitload of astrophysics students.


  3. Still no USS Montana. I am mystified why the Navy hates Montana so much.


  4. LT Rusty

    Gotta say, I’m having a hard time picturing BISMAR(c)K as a US warship.