New Britain

The Army/Marine campaign in World War II on New Britain featured some of the most miserable conditions faced by soldiers and Marines in the entire Pacific War.

Worse, the course of events have lead many to argue that the entire operation was unneeded.

An Army cavalry regiment (dismounted, fighting as infantry) landed at Arawe as a diversion/deception measure, and soon after, two Marine regiments landed at Cape Gloucester.

If you have an hour to kill…

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  1. ultimaratioregis

    A young Machinists’ Mate 2nd Class, whom I was very fond of, landed at Arawe and Cape Gloucester. He was on the “beach party” detachment from his LCT, where he went ashore ahead of the landings to mark obstacles and water depth and enemy emplacements, only to paddle back out and make the landing with the LCT. He then had the joyous task of assisting with getting vehicles off the beach, often having to hook and jab with the defenders, The January 10th, 1944 edition of LIFE Magazine shows a photo of a landing craft with three giant plumes, bow, stern, and starboard, surrounding it. That was his boat, LCT 172. These were from Japanese air attacks on the Arawe landings.

    The day after Christmas, at Cape Gloucester, he saw USS Brownson sunk by Japanese dive bombers, and his LCT was one of the vessels that helped fish the survivors out of the water.