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Bob Rasmussen is a national treasure. I’ve been a fan of his virtually my whole adult life, but I’ll admit I didn’t realize he was also a sculptor.


Four prototypes of the future CH-53K have already been ordered and are under construction. Now a contract has been signed for four production standard aircraft to carry out the Operational Test and Evaluation. Mind you, the first flight of a prototype is likely well over  year away. It takes time to get a program going. As it stands, a future production contract for a total of 196 more aircraft is planned.

There have been some complaints about the program, but overall, it’s been well run, fairly low risk, and no major failures have cropped up. Mind you, as I see it, the success of this program is more important to the future of the Marines than the F-35B program.


Able to lift 143 tons to orbit? That’s like throwing two M1A1 tanks 125 miles straight up.


CDR Salamander of GOFO bloat.

Or… Never have so few been lead by so many, so poorly.


Sox must work for NSA, cuz he’s always watching me.




7 responses to “Links of Interest

  1. ultimaratioregis

    National Sox Agency.


  2. It’s the glowing eyes that would bother me after awhile.


  3. scottthebadger

    Back in the ’90’s, I have a Siamese Tom named Tristan, and a Norwegian Forest Cat named Lazarus. Laz was a cat who was a rescue cat, he was found frozen to I-90/94. Laz had lost a fight with a bird, somewhere along the line, and had only one eye. One night, something woke me up, and I glanced around the room. I did not know that Traistan and Laz were lying right next to each other on the couch in my bedroom, and I saw three glowing eyes staring at me. It got my attention for a second there.

    I miss having cats.


  4. I imagine Sox decided that it was more profitable to spy on you for the Obamanation than to eat your brain.


  5. MikeD

    Technically, NSA doesn’t watch you. They listen.