The War on Women


It is real.  Bloody, savage, waged without remorse.

Sandra Fluke would tell you that the “War on Women” consists of not receiving free birth control from a Roman Catholic institution of higher learning.   Barbara Boxer would tell you that Pro-Life groups and not Kermit Gosnell are the problem.

Kirstie Gillinbrand believes the “War on Women” is being waged by male service members and misogynist commanders, and is willing to dispense with anything resembling objective justice to punish the accused.  (With the backing of the Commander in Chief, it would seem.)

Hillary Clinton, who, on the day an Ambassador was murdered by Islamist extremists told us that free speech should not be used to disparage someone’s religion (Crucifix in a jar of urine notwithstanding), wanted to make “Women’s Rights” a cornerstone of US foreign policy.

But the War on Women rages on.  Honor killings continue, even in this country.  Schools blown up, acid thrown in the faces of the innocent, mutilations.  Unspeakable violence and oppression against women, perpetrated by the very same Islamist ideology that has vowed to destroy America.    Yet these above-mentioned women and those of their ilk remain strangely silent on the subject of the ghastly and terrible existence women endure in the lands controlled by these cowardly and ignorant brutes.   The silence in the mainstream media, usually the trumpeter of all things feminist, is positively thunderous.  

Soon, Nelson Mandela, at 94 and seriously ill, will be eulogized far and wide for being willing to fight not to have his people relegated to second class status.   Those same people who will praise him the loudest cannot seem to utter a meaningful sound regarding the brutalizing and virtual enslavement of women and girls in the lands under the thumb of radical Islam.  They cannot, in fact, even bring themselves to identify our enemies for what they are, Islamic extremists, for fear of offending.

That they do not is hypocrisy.  That they dare not, is cowardice.

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10 responses to “The War on Women

  1. That is because ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, or at least that’s how the left sees it anyway. As a friend of mine said…sort of like the alliance between Stalin and Hitler.

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  3. Those that fete Mandela will also conveniently disregard the fact that Mandela was a terrorist who was caught with a rather large cache of explosives. He was righteously put away.

    I had friends in South Africa and Apartheid was enacted because of tribal warfare that could not be stemmed by anything other than separating the Xhosa and Zulu. Now that it’s been ended, and almost all is ruled by the communist front ANC, South Africa has become a haven for interracial murder, the very thing apartheid prevented.

    A member of my church lives part time in SA and would like to move here permanently, but she can’t get her family out. SA has become a cesspool.

  4. scottthebadger

    I think cowardice is the overwhelming factor. They know what Moslems may very well do to them, if they speak out. Much safer to attck those who will turn the other cheek, and you still get to feel brave for speaking truth to power.

  5. Jeff Gauch

    I don’t think it’s hypocrisy or cowardice. I think it is deep seated racism. I’ve talked to a few vile progs and they all deny people in third world countries moral agency. Everything they do is somehow is response to a transgression by white men.

    • ultimaratioregis

      Yanno, I have heard that point before. I would wager the three, hypocrisy, cowardice, and your observation, all are in the mix.

  6. I linked it, and added my commentary. Any person who feels that there is a War on Women here in the United States after reading this, is in need of psychological counseling, for they are too dangerous to be allowed out without a keeper.

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