Load HEAT- Natasha Fatale


Has there ever been a hotter babe holding a round bomb with a lit fuze?  I don’t think so.   From her insanely high heels to her thick (suspiciously Muscovite) Pottsylvanian accent, she is 100% real woman.



Hey, if you can be played by Sally Kellerman and Renee Russo on the silver screen, you gotta be doing something right.  And when a gorgeous 21st Century Russian spy is invariably compared to you, you are an ICON.




No question about it.  Even though she was always perpetrating evil for Fearless Leader and Mister Big, whether it is stealing Upsidaisium or fixing football games with Wossamotta U, she was one of the hottest things about the Cold War.   Even if fiendish plan had fiendish plan.


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5 responses to “Load HEAT- Natasha Fatale

  1. scottthebadger

    She is appealling, even to Moose and Squirrel!

  2. I wonder if Jessica Rabbit is related to her? They both look smokin hot in a red dress.

  3. scottthebadger

    Where did you get that first picture? I find it mildly disturbing and distracting!

  4. LT Rusty

    When I was a sophomore at The Citadel, we had a female knob there who was from Czechoslovakia, with the accent to prove it. Making her say “Boris, kill moose and sqvuirrel!” was one of the more popular – and entertaining – pastimes for upperclassmen.

    What can I say? We were all very easily amused.