One Year.


XBRAD invited me to be a guest blogger here quite some time before my first effort.   It took me a bit to get moving, but a year ago tomorrow I managed to hammer together my first post.   This particular one is number 241.  It has been a busy year, for sure.   Benghazi, an election, Newtown, Benghazi again (not coincidentally, after the election), sequestration, the end of the world (Mayan scandal), the IRS scandal, the AP phone subpoena scandal, the HHS scandal, the NSA scandal, and so many others….

It is really somewhat humbling to be swimming in the same pool as folks like Roamy and Brad, and Craig, and the Padre and Mav, whose mastery of subject matter make me feel like an amateur.

I cannot tell Brad how much I appreciate his confidence that I would meaningfully add to what was already a really good thing.  And how much I appreciate the readers and commenters who thought my words interesting enough to pay any attention to.    I do enjoy the give and take, and always learn more from you than you do from me.

Brad’s assertion is absolutely true.  If you wanna really know about something, don’t just read about it.  Write about it!

So thank you Mister Host.  (Bowing and scraping as I shuffle backwards from your presence.)

Oh, and I still haven’t eaten the crayons.


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6 responses to “One Year.

  1. Happy anniversary, and I hope you enjoy many more at this fine blog :)


  2. David Navarre

    URR, you have been a brilliant addition to the blog. Congratulations on your anniversary!


  3. I for one really enjoy your posts URR.

    And you never cease to amaze me, a humble artilleryman?


  4. Krag

    I truly enjoy all the contributors here, but especially look forward to URR’s posts. Please keep up the good work and stay brutally honest. Semper Fidelis.