“Hoss” Cartwright Subject of Stuxnet Leak Probe


NBC has the story.

This is hardly the first time General Cartwright has spoken out of turn.  At the 2010 USNI/AFCEA West conference, then- DCJCS Cartwright spoke openly of Constitutional barriers to Military authority as “obstacles to mission accomplishment”.    I’d also heard him a couple times discussing information I was not aware was public knowledge on the subject of private-sector/government cooperation regarding network security, and pontificating on private-sector capabilities to essentially launch cyber “counterattacks”.   I do imagine there were some important people less than pleased to hear such things on C-Span.

While Cartwright may have been the one who conceptualized the idea of introducing the Stuxnet virus to Iran’s nuclear centrifuges, and though the tactic appears to have worked well enough as a temporary setback for Iran, I would hope he would have been professional enough to have understood that his recognition must necessarily be out of the public eye.  If he is found to have been the source of the Stuxnet leak, it stinks like grandstanding of the worst kind.

Hell, he had STRATCOM, he was Defense Executive of the Year at GCN Magazine.  He should be smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut.  Though, going by previous commentary, I am not so sure.

As the REAL Hoss would say, “Dadburnit!”

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