Bug Hunt*

No, not in the Starship Troopers sense.


I’ve already found and killed one obvious black widow. But these ladies are normally quite shy. Normally, they are found outside, but I’ve found one inside the house before. Time to flip over the sofa and chairs and make sure there aren’t any lurking around.

Actually, while there may be a spider or two in the house, the big invader at this time of year is crickets. They’re remarkably good at getting inside, hopping around and waiting until you’re fast asleep before jumping on your face and startling you.

*Yes, I know spiders are arachnids, and not technically bugs. Get over it.



11 responses to “Bug Hunt*

  1. A friend was telling me that the easiest way to kill a Black Widow is to destroy their nest/web. Supposedly they will starve to death before they can weave a new web. In my opinion, the easiest way to kill them is to step on the bugger.


    • We don’t get Black Widows in the house, but you do have to be careful when you turn a piece of wood over outside. We have had Scorpions get in the house in the kitchen cabinets, though.


    • This one got whapped with a spare flip-flop. I try to spray pretty regularly to keep them at bay, also.


  2. If you’re going on a Bug Hunt, don’t forget to wear your Powered Armor.


  3. firesqcapt

    Also, put your ear to the ground occasionally, if you hear “frying bacon” prepare to repel boarders.


  4. We know you were MI, Brad. Very mobile.


  5. Remember how I said I was going to come down for a visit and camp out on your couch? I am seriously re-thinking that…