HMS Surprise

I again apologize for the awful quality of the pics.

The San Diego Maritime Museum hosts among other ships the HMS Surprise, which many of you are familiar with from Pirates of the Caribbean, or Master and Commander- Far Side of the World.


Originally built as Rose in Canada and used as a sail training ship, she was sold in 2001 to 20th Century Fox to star in Master and Commander. While she presents an accurate external representation of a late 1700s Royal Navy frigate, her internal arrangements are a quite different, allowing her to be certified by the US Coast Guard.




Restored to sailing condition by the Museum in 2007, and reregistered from Rose to HMS Surprise, she frequently sails the waters just outside San Diego Bay.




The Gun Deck


Ship’s Galley


Mess table. After the meal the table would be secured to the overhead, clearing the decks for action. Space was always at a premium aboard ships, and many spaces performed more than one function.

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6 responses to “HMS Surprise

  1. I love the pics. Thanks for posting them :)

  2. ultimaratioregis

    I saw her as HMS Rose in Newport RI in 1977!!!

  3. Sigh…

    My first sight of her was in 1999 from Naval Station Newport as she was sailing up Narragansett Bay. Saw her many times until she went off to be a movie star.

    A beautiful ship. I miss her so!

  4. Esli

    Alas, Surprise is missing Aubrey, Maturin, Pullings, Bonden, Killick, et al. A key character in my favorite books bar none. Rarely does a movie measure up to the books for me, but Master and Commander did. I am surprised to say it, but there might be something in California that I want to go see.