The Warrior Monk Comes North! Mattis to Speak At Dickey Center This Fall

From Foreign Policy:


Jim Mattis has signed on with Dartmouth and Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Former Central Command commander Jim “Chaos” Mattis will not, so far as we can see, be cashing in right away. Instead, we can report this morning, he is headed to Dartmouth, where he will be a Distinguished Visitor at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, starting in late September or early October. Dan Benjamin, the former counter-terrorism official, got to know Mattis while he was at Central Command and then asked him to Dartmouth.

Definitely some lectures I do not want to miss.  Serving under General Mattis in Al Anbar in 2004 when he commanded the storied 1st Marine Division is one of the highlights of my career.  His ADC?  John Kelly.  His Chief of Staff was Joe Dunford.  A hell of a team, one the bad guys couldn’t beat.

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6 responses to “The Warrior Monk Comes North! Mattis to Speak At Dickey Center This Fall

  1. And Obama forced him out. Christ on a cracker.


    • ultimaratioregis

      I dunno if Mattis would ever say so, as he is too polite. I do know he conflicted with NSA Donilon, who succeeded Jim Jones in that role. Jones thought Donilon was an arrogant, desk-weenie amateur, and seems Mattis did, too.

      So I am 2-for-2 in that two of my Division Commanders (Jones in 2nd MarDiv and Mattis in 1st MarDiv) thought Donilon was a jackass of the first magnitude.


  2. Dana

    Do we know if any of these speeches/classes will be recorded and on YouTube or Stanford Opencourseware?


  3. Esli

    What part of Anbar were you in? I wound up starting in Ramadi in 07, then off to live on Bahria while working south of Fallujah in Ameriyah, Fuhaylat, and all the way down to Dogwood, while also working up north as far as lake Thar Thar. An army recon squadron has much more mobility than did RCT 6, so we had a lot of dirt to cover. We left in 08 to move east, into Arab Jabour and back under the army.


  4. ultimaratioregis

    Was in Ramadi and Fallujah (April fight), and did the tour of Qaim, Hadithah, Habbaniyah, Rutbah, etc. They blew part of the Thar Thar bridge and we couldn’t get contractors to fix it because they kept getting killed. In the 8 months we were there, the Div lost 118 KIA and 1400+ WIA. But the bad guys paid.