Herkin’ and Jerkin’

A C-130J Hercules aircraft releases fire retardant over the trees in the mountains above Palm Springs, Calif., July 19. The 146th Airlift Wing, a California Air National Guard unit, was activated to assist the community with wildfires.

I was actually out of town when this particular mission was flown, but the smoke from the Mountain Fire was quite visible from I-10 as we drove back into town.  In addition to the C-130, two modified DC-10 tankers and a slew of other fixed wing and rotary wing air attack aircraft, dozens of fire engines, and 3000 firefighters struggled to contain the blaze and save the charming town of Idyllwild.






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5 responses to “Herkin’ and Jerkin’

  1. Yep, doing GOOD things with the C-130, another mission that kinda ‘grew’ on them! Hope Idyllwild was saved!


    • It was. There were a few structures lost, but overall, a very successful fight against a very, very tough fire.

      It burned within 700 yards of the uphill terminus of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.


  2. NavyDavy

    Fire Terrorism. Interesting video. Don’t recall much about it in the MSM.


  3. MAFFS is an OK delivery system but it does not give as nice a spray pattern as the large civilian air tankers deliver. It is cheaper to the Forrest Service but not to the taxpayer. Civilian tankers are a much lower cost with better service for the most part.