Planespotting-done poorly

So, no pics… at least, none of mine.

One of the things I’d hoped to do while here on Whidbey was get in a little planespotting. And I’ve done a fair bit. I’m right under the approach to RWY 25 at NAS Whidbey (KNUW), which is currently the only active runway. So everything comes right by here.  Of course, mostly it is the usual Prowlers, Growlers, and Orions. Which are all fun to watch.  But we’ve also seen a few other odds and ends, such as the local C-9 transport, a C-40B Clipper (the Navy version of the 737) and possibly a P-8, a 737 variant specializing in maritime patrol. We missed a great chance to get a pic of a C-17 transport. And of course, there’s always the local Search And Rescue (SAR) helo, an MH-60S Knighthawk. We’re used to seeing ‘hawks of various sorts from our time in the Army. So when I heard a helo this morning, I simply assumed it was the only assigned type, the Knighthawk. But it sounded a little odd. After about the third pass, I strolled out for a smoke, and was delighted to see it the reason it didn’t sound like a ‘hawk was because it wasn’t one at all. It was a Canadian CH-124 Sea King.  I was dismayed that I ‘d not brought a camera at all. Sorry.

File:CH-124 Sea King.jpg

Here’s a pic I missed a chance to take.

2011 was the Centennial of Naval Aviation, and one of the things the Navy did to celebrate was to paint various fleet aircraft in color schemes of days gone by. And of these schemes, one was a neat retro look of how the P-3 Orion was dressed when introduced into service in the early 1960s. I was pleased to see that it was, in fact, a local bird, and still clad in the attractive Midnight Blue upper, with white lower surfaces. Of course, I didn’t have a camera handy to take pics of it in the pattern. For that matter, I was busy driving, and couldn’t have gotten any pics without risking life and limb. I appreciate you, dear reader, but not enough to die for you just to get the picture.

Lockheed P-3C Orion aircraft picture

This is the bird, but obviously, not my pic.


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  1. scottthebadger

    It appears that Badgers have a different concept of Midnight Blue upper surfaces, and White lower.