Angering the Golf Gods?

Pride cometh before…..   a case of the yips?  An uncontrollable duck-hook?  A bunch of lip-out par putts?

Hole in one 9th holeschrammy hole in one

Seems one of my golfing klatch, our buddy Jim, aced the 110-yard 9th Hole yesterday.  His picture was up in the clubhouse and was the talk of the crowd today.  But rather than be humble about it, he scampered down to the 9th green, the scene of his glory, to erect this sign, to greet us as we made the turn.  That is yours truly in the first pic, and a blow-up picture of the sign itself.  Tsk….  Still, it was pretty damned funny.

If Jim never gets another favorable bounce off the pines down the side of the fairway on 4, or the membership hop out of the crap on 7, he should know why.  He has angered the Golf Gods.  He should ask their forgiveness else they may smite him.   As for me?  42-45/87 today, ruining a good round (five pars and a birdie) with two triple bogeys.   I find myself alternately cursing at and pleading with my g*ddamned pitching wedge, as I can’t figure out anything inside of 100 yards.   I am either knocking it over or leaving it short.  Either I have the gorilla touch or I turn into Betty Lou Sisterpants.  DAMMIT!

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7 responses to “Angering the Golf Gods?

  1. You do realize that Golf is an Air Force game, do you not? I’m shocked you, a Marine, would stoop so low.

    • ultimaratioregis

      There is a certain satisfaction in being able to kill a guy, outshoot him with rifle and pistol, and hit a 3-iron farther than he hits a driver. Just sayin’…

  2. Last year, I aced the 6th hole at Kingwood Country Club in Clayton, GA. Of course, with a 30+ handicap, I took a lot of ribbing from the other club members, but I could stand it, though. The club fund for hole-in-one was close to $700 bucks.

    Oh, and my final round score…119.

  3. Pride goeth before scoring a “snowman” on a par 3.

  4. Angering the Golf Gods is why neither Lee Trevino nor Greg Norman won the Masters. Why do you think they call it Amen Corner?