Last TOW Missile Fired In USMC Inventory

Apologizes if this makes some feel more age-ed.

Looks like HMLA-367 fired the last TOW in USMC inventory.



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5 responses to “Last TOW Missile Fired In USMC Inventory

  1. ultimaratioregis

    Damn. In 1982, the Marine Corps was talking still about the lethality of the “new TOW missile”.


  2. Okay,
    What’s the missile behind the Cobra?


  3. Yeah, that’s most def not a USMC bird. That’s a AH-1S (or F, depending on when it was taken).

    It could be an IDF bird, or it could be an older US Army bird.

    Chrispy, my best guess is it is a simultaneous launch from two birds, en echelon, with the second launching bird just out of picture.

    And despite what the press release linked says, I’m pretty damn certain the Marines still use lots and lots of TOWs. They just won’t be launching them from attack helicopters anymore, instead using only the ground and vehicle launchers.