Jury convicts Nidal Hasan on all charges in Fort Hood shooting – CNN.com

A military jury on Friday convicted Army Maj. Nidal Hasan of 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of premeditated attempted murder in a November 5, 2009, shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, making it possible for the death penalty to be considered as a punishment.

The jurors deliberated fewer than seven hours over two days to hand down a verdict against Hasan, who admitted to targeting soldiers he was set to deploy with to Afghanistan to protect the Taliban and its leaders. The shooting rampage occurred at a deployment processing center.

The court-martial next moves to the penalty phase, where Hasan — acting as his own attorney — will have the opportunity to address the jurors considering whether he should be executed for his actions.

via Jury convicts Nidal Hasan on all charges in Fort Hood shooting – CNN.com.



7 responses to “Jury convicts Nidal Hasan on all charges in Fort Hood shooting – CNN.com

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  2. NavyDavy

    Perhaps now the Obama administration will classify this as a terrorist attack. Ya right.


  3. I hope they don’t kill him. That’s what he wants, so it would not be viewed as punishment to him, and the Muslocrazies would see him as a martyr, which he is not. I’d put him in a cage for the rest of his natural life. No parole. He comes out in a box in about 50 years after a boat load of solitary confinement. NO Koran, NO halal meals. You take what you are given, and you are grateful for it.


  4. Toss him an a dank hole with Manning. Princess can be the girl he’s always wanted to be, and jihadi on wheels can pretend he got his 72.